The life changing magic of unfollowing hot people on Instagram

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Thursday, March 01, 2018

Hi there, it's me. I wrote a new post, but it's not here. It's on my brand-spankin'-new web site, under my REAL NAME not this pseudonym that I've been hiding under lest my employer slash clients discover my innermost thoughts on the internet. So it is, and my web designer will be doing that magical thing where this URL auto-directs to my new site but I didn't want to just spring it on you, you know?

So! The post, near and dear to my heart, about the joyful magic of unfollowing hot people, can be read here. My new website took all of your feedback into consideration and includes a robust archive of all my articles, organized by category, that can be accessed here. Taking it to the next level, friends. Going from hobbyist to whole hog, whatever that means, and taking myself and my writing seriously from this day forward. 

Thank you for all of your support, I love you, that is all.

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