A peek inside my new place

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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Since we moved in early September, I've been wading through boxes and trying to figure out where everything should live. I've spend months in analysis paralysis about which sconces to buy. There are boxes shoved into corners of the garage and guest bedroom and I have no idea what is inside of them. No idea, folks.
Last weekend, we finally got all of our homeless d├ęcor and wayward belongings shoved into a spare room and managed to get the whole place cleaned for a Halloween party. For the first time, this new place finally felt like home and worthy of taking some pictures with my trusty ol' Nikon to document the progress. (I posted them as a tour on my other blog - you can read it here if you're interested and have some thoughts on how to fix entryway woes...)
In other news, I am sitting in a Marriott with a glass of Meiomi in hand planning out my next few weeks of crazy travel, including back-to-back trips to Chapel Hill and Dallas starting on Thursday. I'm sorry that I've neglected this blog, and promise to have some new posts soon! In the meantime, please be comforted that this weekend I will be wearing my circa 2012 leopard jeans to a UNC football game and am as committed as ever to my old clothes and animal print collection.

2 comments on "A peek inside my new place"
  1. Dear Colleen,

    Can I request more pictures of your place please?!

    It takes a long time to really settle in and put all the pieces in place. I think it took us more than a year. I still have boxes that are not opened. The difference is I do know what's inside :) (my stuffed animals :))

    We also needed to look for more furniture because we moved to a bigger place. We got things from craigslist and consignment stores, that's really fun.

    I did all the decor of our home. My husband gave me total control and trust. I would love to hear about yours :)

    Take care on the road my friend!


    1. Hey Echo! I'll post more soon :) Thanks for your comment! You're lucky that your husband let you take full control, it definitely makes things easier. And I am with you on Craigslist and consignment furnishings, sometimes I think it makes me love our place more thinking that it is a treasure trove. Hope you're having fun on your trip!!