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Why you need a coatigan in your wardrobe

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Friday, December 04, 2015

Over the years, I've built up a small collection of sweater coats, or coat-igans. They're practical, cozy, and do a great job dressing up an otherwise boring outfit. They are also extremely versatile, which is why I've kept them on my winter wardrobe rotation year after year. Wear it as a sweater, a coat, a dress, a blanket, an airplane pillow, you name it. I've done it.

One of my style icons is my friend Ashley, who designed her own line of clothing as well as my wedding dress and this coatigan. She spent a lot of time in high school talking me out of jean shorts and cutting my own hair and introduced me to a world of covetable dry-clean-only clothing and taught me to recognize a quality garment, excellent tailoring, and the offbeat, unique, and unusual things that you can only find in fashion. Like a fur hat that makes you look like a cone head, or lace-up suede wedges with cut outs and 4 inches of height.

These pictures were taken a few years ago, and I love that I'm still wearing this outfit today. I've been keeping an eye out for a gray one that's work appropriate, and finally found this option at Madewell that is worth the investment and on my Christmas wish list!

Photo credit: Andrew Sheppard
6 comments on "Why you need a coatigan in your wardrobe"
  1. Coatigan! What a cute word - I knew exactly what type of clothing piece you meant from the title :)


    1. Thanks Michelle! I'm all about making up fake words when I can't find the right one. Thanks for your comment :-)

  2. I also love the word, it's fun but so ...accurate! I am a sucker for all kinds of sweaters, turtleneck, pullover, cardigan, and a few months ago I got this nice longer grey cardigan from Loft, I love it very much, so much that I don't wear it too often because I don't want to wear it out!
    I like the one you are wearing in the picture, super cute and unique!
    Thank you for sharing :)

    1. Hi Echo, thank you for your comment! I'm with you, love sweaters so much and keep them forever. Your gray cardigan sounds great and you should wear it everywhere! If you love it, why not? I have a black wool blazer-style coatigan that I literally wear to work constantly and try not to dry clean it too often so it won't wear. Hope to hear more of your ideas soon :-)

    2. Thank you Colleen! It is really nice of you replying and interacting with readers, it's very sweet and considerate.
      I must admit I do not like dry clean, I won't do unless I absolutely have to and I won't do that to sweaters,even if the instruction says so hehe...I find it works just fine if you just hand wash them in mild detergent and flat dry them, it is more work but it works.

    3. Thanks Echo, I love hearing from you and really appreciate your support of my blog :) Also thanks for the tip - I've never tried hand-washing my dry clean only sweaters but bet that is the better way to care for them long term. Will try it this weekend on ym (very dirty) cashmere scarf!