How to make a simple butternut squash soup

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Monday, March 10, 2014

I am having a thing with butternut squash - it's been my favorite side dish for weeks on end, a pasta sauce, and the star ingredient in my risottos. Just wanted to share the latest trick I learned: using leftover roasted butternut squash from this recipe to make a simply, healthy soup using just a few simple additions and one powerful blender.

Once you're done roasting and eating, put the 1 c. of leftover squash into the blender with 1/2 cup almond milk, and a dash each of cayenne, salt, and black pepper.

Blend until smooth and creamy.

Heat n' eat it right away, put it in a storage container and bring it to work for lunch tomorrow, or freeze it for when you need it in a pinch. Like when your husband/roommate/friend is complaining that all you have to eat in the entire house is pistachios, baby kale, or Belvita. (When really, he should really be thanking you for single-handedly eliminating the lifetime supply of Goldfish that formerly filled your pantry and had been a constant late night temptation all winter.)

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2 comments on "How to make a simple butternut squash soup"
  1. Yummmm! I love making butternut squash soup! My recipe is a bisque and it adds apple sauce and onions and (at the end) a dollop of sour cream. It's awesome hot -- and it's just as awesome cold. :) Isn't the ninja PERFECT for this? I may have to make some this week.

  2. That sounds amazing - how much applesauce and onions? If you're willing to share your recipe, I'd love to try it!!