How to wear your grandma's fur stole

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Monday, February 24, 2014

I found this little mink stole for $60 at a vintage shop in Austin last year and haven't worn it because I wasn't sure how, other than with a wedding dress (Ashley, it is all yours next February). It has been keeping my mannequin warm and every time I look at it, it reminds me that it needs to get out there into the world. I finally had an excuse to take it out for a test run a few weeks ago when my friend had a speakeasy costume party. The fur was the perfect complement to a silk feathered dress, layers of pearls, and droopy earrings. (And the perfect outfit for a walk in the park, right?)

Fur is polarizing, but not nearly as controversial as sheer black tights. I've replaced all my opaque ones with these sheer ones because I think they're more flattering than the all-black foot-ankle-leg entity that those solid tights create and they add some much-needed contrast for black suede boots.

What Goes Around Comes Around silk dress, Sigerson Morrison boots, vintage fur.

Photos by Valerie SJ from The Adventures of Valocrat

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