Frolicking in wine country

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Thursday, May 09, 2013

This weekend I hired my friend + talented photographer Andrew to take engagement photos, figuring that Wes and I could use a few good pictures given that our all-time favorite photos of us together involved an adult male dressed as a turkey, and adult female dressed as Stanley Tucci, or the Olive Garden (these were my three options to send photo save-the-dates, and none made the cut thanks largely to my better judgement and the urging of the saleswoman at the print shop). 

We decided to head out to Loudon County, Virginia for the shoot, starting at Fabbioli Winery - it's a place where we've spent many lazy Sundays escaping D.C. and debating whether it was fair that Wes was the default designated driver because of his body weight advantage. Needless to say, it was the perfect spot for the photos and the only time I've left Loudon County as the driver. 

I'm wearing a Vanessa Bruno dress, vintage cowboy boots and earrings (the most country outfit that I own).

Below, when we decided it was time to go home:

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2 comments on "Frolicking in wine country"
  1. WHY was this last picture not used as the save the date?!?!? Capture's your personality perfectly!!!!

  2. you guys are adorable!!! i loveee the photos! let's seee more!!!