Meet my mannequin

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Monday, April 08, 2013

Or, my better dressed roommate depending on how you look at it. She has been wearing a leopard blazer every day for months because I haven't been inspired to wear it, and thought dressing the mannequin up in it might inspire a little jealousy in me. It works, like my little sister borrowing a castoff dress and looking better in it than I ever did. Which naturally makes you want it back and treat it right. Same formula for White Elephant gifts, boyfriends, etc.

This mannequin has been a jane of all trades for me for the past few years: She's storage for my necklaces and bags and wears my same dress size. She's helped me sell clothes on eBay and watched me fail at DIY tailoring. She's a great conversation piece, usually creating conversations that end with me urging the commentator to buy a mannequin so that they too can spend hours on Friday nights alone with it, dressing up in outfits and sharing a bottle of wine. She's also spent a lot of time facedown in the back of my trunk, has a dented right boob, and has been wound and unwound from that wooden stand so many times that she can barely stand up. I bought her on Amazon because she was the cheapest, and I didn't want to have buyers regret about a 5'6"but now that she's proved her worth it's time for an upgrade.

She's going to die a Craigslist death soon and I need a new, sturdy, stuffed canvas dressform to replace her. Like this one.

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1 comment on "Meet my mannequin"
  1. your entries always make me laugh! i will miss this mannequin.. if i wasn't moving in august, i would totally give her a new home!