How to update a vintage chair

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The chair above is the "After" - I love the dark wood, antique carving, and storage space beneath the chair for my magazines and books! This chair had lots of potential but badly needed a shower and a new seat. Below are the "Before" pictures and the easy (and inexpensive) process to recover these chairs from ugliness.

One of my dirty secrets is how much I love Goodwill. Sometimes I mean to go to Safeway and end up walking around looking at used furniture. On Saturday, I found this pair of old, distressed folding chairs with great wooden bones and terrible outfits. I bartered them down to $10 apiece and lugged them home.

Recovering basic wooden chairs is relatively easy - these seats were held into place with 5 screws each. After I detached the seats, I flipped them over and used needlenose pliers to pull out the staples, removed the old fabric, and and washed down the wood.

A half yard of scrap fabric from JoAnn cost me about $3 and was enough for both chairs - I loved the houndstooth pattern in baby blue and cream. Instead of bothering with a staple gun, I picked up some Fabri-Tac to glue the edges of the fabric to the seat, waited for it to dry, and then screwed the seats back to the chair frames. Voila, new chairs - and they cost me $26 and 45 minutes.

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1 comment on "How to update a vintage chair"
  1. we should totally paint it and update it a well ;)