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Wednesday, September 05, 2012
My sister asked me to help her design her wedding invitations last April, and here's my final result (and a little bit about the materials I used and the process to create them).

After all of the research, trial and error (and lots of time at the Utrecht Art Store in McPherson Square), these were actually pretty easy and inexpensive to make. Below is the list of materials, and the steps to create these.

1) For the invitation (and dinner menus), I used Gartner Studios Flat White 8.5 x 11" Panel Cards ($11 for a pack of 50 cards & envelopes) 
2) For the response and events cards, I used Gartner Studios Flat White Postcards ($15 for a pack of 100) an purchased the response envelopes separately
3) I used Avery Gold Mailing Seals, which were around $7 for 400
4) For the wedding mass programs, I used Gartner Studios Flat White Trifold ($15 for 100)

Gartner Studios is wonderful - this company has high quality card stock at very reasonable prices, quick shipping, and templates for every product that you can download and use for free!

For the flower design, I resurrected my drawing skills and drew this hibiscus flower in Wasserlack 4H pencil and a Pigma Micron pen in 05 weight; and then painted the leaves and seeds with Reeves watercolor and overlaid the design with a sheer silver acrylic (the Utrecht Artist's Colors in Iridescent Silver).

After designing and painting the flower, I scanned the image, saved it as a PDF and cropped it to size, then inserted it into the template and printed.

I also made my sister's wedding mass programs using the same flower image and a Gartner Flat White Trifold ($15 for a pack of 100)

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