How to fix broken heel tips by yourself

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Maybe it's because I've spent $600 on bridesmaid dresses this month, or maybe it's because I have an unnatural emotional attachment to cheap cage heels. Either way, I'd like to pass along some valuable DIY knowledge I picked up about bringing your high heels back to life with a little cheap n' easy TLC.

What You'll Need To Replace Your Own Heel Caps:

1) A beat up pair of high heels that you've stopped wearing only because the staccato of your worn-down-to-the-metal-spikes stilettos distracts your coworkers

2) Needle Nose Pliers (from your dad's tool box, or the CVS household aisle)

3) Replacement Heel Caps (print out the size guide and order the caps from this Web site - genius!)

Once you've got all your supplies, it's an easy process. First, use the needle nose pliers to remove the old, broken heel caps - it will take some twisting and yanking, but you should be able to get them out relatively easy (relative to how long you staccato'ed around the office, that is).

Next, insert the replacement heel cap into the tube hole that's left in the high heel where the old cap came out.

Finally, use the shoe as a hammer and knock that heel cap into place. I personally like to put them on an stomp around because it is more satisfying.

Voila! Heels brought back to life, for less than $4 and under 10 minutes. I'll add 'cobbling' to my resume skills.

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  1. This is amazing!! I would have never thought I could do it've inspired me.